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Within a quick walk to downtown Ketchikan with a beautiful harbor view!
Reference # KTN-552

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This is the view from the street overlooking the harbor. Water Street is a bridge street. The railing you see is along the edge of the street.
I took this photo as I was standing on the front porch of the guest house. It was taken on a sunny January day.

Every room of this 2 bedroom vacation rental has picture windows with incredible views of the downtown harbor. You will find the ever-changing activity on the waterfront so entertaining it will most likely be one of your favorite vacation memories!
Refer #: KTN-552
Location: Ketchikan - Water Street
Style: Vacation Rental
Rooms: two-bedroom apartment
  • Private Guest House
  • Bath - tub/shower
  • Washer/Dryer
  • TV and DVD
  • Internet Service
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Queen beds in both rooms
  • Outstanding Views
  • Small deck with gas barbeque
  • Off-Street Parking
  • Discounts for extended stay
Notes: 5 night minimum stay required
Restrictions: No Smoking
No Pets
No Fish Processing Inside
Rates: Rates: $175 double occupancy
$25 for an additional person
5 night min stay required
Discounts for extended stays

Have your morning coffee as the ships come in.

The kitchen is modern and completely equipped.

Both bedrooms have the same incredible view.

Both bedrooms have a queen size bed.



Call 907-247-7117 for more information.

Reference # KTN-552

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